Bayerischer Wald

Hotel & Gasthof in Lam Bavaria

Oasis of hospitality at the national forest Bavarian Forest and Bohemian Forest.

Arrive, switch off, be comfortable and relax,…

Arrive and let go, feel the power of this landscape and enjoy every single moment. We have combined everything that makes a Bavarian inn comfortable with the comfort of a high-scale hotel. Your holiday will be a unique experience. That is our target!

Experience happy holidays here at the "Rösslwirt", right by the spa gardens in the health resort Lam in the Bavarian forest. Having arrived well means that you can finally breathe freely. You have been looking forward to this for a long time. Our Gasthof Rösslwirt with holiday home is a hotel for the entire family.

Everyone will have their own four walls and find a place they enjoy particularly.

Here, you will feel that you have made the right choice. A comfortable and friendly ambience, harmoniously combined with attentive service, enough space to be comfortable.

Enjoy the quiet that makes holidays restorative here. Our operation is centrally located and the ideal starting point for your holiday activities.

We are happy to have you here, and wish you a successful holiday in Lam, in the Hotel Rösslwirt in the Bavarian Forest.

We don't like superficial things.
We and our employees deliberately practice gratitude.
We want to be a family for our guests.
Trust, reliability, tolerance and respect are the basic pillars of our work.

Leading principles

We call ourselves, our employees and guests a kind of big family.

Its social security and personal quality of life is of personal importance to us. Fort this, we create an operating culture in which you can develop professionally and personally alike and where the continuous will to improve is practised by learning from our mistakes. This includes cooperative partnership, humane interaction, transparency and open communication.

We put value on above-average willingness to work and striving to always measure ourselves by the highest standards. A friendly and attentive approach towards our guests is to be the utmost principle and active hospitality. We are committed to our guests to practice traditional hospitality and also pass this on.

About us.

A hotel with 100 years of pub tradition that maintains its traditions, with a family alignment and romantic atmosphere - a house with inner values.

The offer is aligned with Bavarian, traditional as well as fine cuisine with select wines and well-chosen drinks.

It is a hotel for those looking for restoration, for hikers, persons on short holidays, business travellers, families, those travelling alone or in groups - a place to be comfortable at.

Our Special Characteristics.

Or family-owned operation with long-term employees is characterised by a natural, internal friendliness. People who are comfortable all around - for a few hours, days or weeks! The entire house is flooded by a special, warm and friendly atmosphere. The house has a great tradition and is widely known for its good cuisine. We offer continuous quality - hospitality is our top principle. Our "Rösslwirt" hotel is a meeting place for many kinds of events.

What we want.

Our target is to gain employees for our hotel who help characterise the unique features of our operation. They identify with our truly Bavarian and traditional offers (menu) and the tradition of our house. They also contribute to the warm, special, friendly Rösslwirt atmosphere.

During their in-house training, all employees learn to implement the Rösslwirt philosophy from the management.

Hotel Rösslwirt, Engelshütter Straße 1, D-93462 Lam
Telefon: +49 (0) 9943 1275, Fax: +49 (0) 9943 8910, E-Mail:,